Get Stronger. Live Longer. Gain Energy. Reduce Medications.

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching for busy adults who want to rediscover their bodies and revitalize their lives.

Appreciating the unique nature of each individual is crucial to obtaining the best results. Some adults seek a complete body transformation while others are happy to regain their self-confidence and independence. I am here to help you identify your goals and objectives and to support you throughout the process. 

Tired of being  tired? Had enough of the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting? Ready to get your bad-ass self back into the gym?  Or onto the playground?  I am here to help with all of that!

How does it work?


I am the coach. You are the client. Together we make an awesome team. This is not me telling you what to do. This is me guiding you and holding you accountable for your behaviors. This is you making the choice to practice the behaviors that lead to your desired outcome.

This is change that lasts a lifetime; not just until your next reunion. 


I offer three online packages outlined below. Don't see what you like here? We can customize a program that will work just for you!  If you are interested in a face to face, in-person approach and you live within 20 miles of Rochester, New York, I offer that as well. Please fill out the application here and we can set up a time to chat.  

Plate Program


Personal nutrition coaching to help you be the best you can be.

PlateStrength Program


Includes nutrition coaching plus a personalized exercise program based on your individualized goals, needs, physical limitations and skill level.

Strength Program

Personalized exercise program based on your individualized goals, needs, physical limitations and skill level.


As someone who has never felt comfortable in a gym, even though I've joined more gyms over the decades than I can count, my relationship with Andrea has helped to transform my process and my experience.  Having a knowledgable, determined, kind and flexible CPT to work with has taken me from stressed out couch potato to a willing participant in my own health.  

— A.K.


Andrea’s caring nature and sense of humor are just some of the attributes she possesses that are helping me get closer to my goals – at my own speed – and so importantly, in a “no judgement, guilt-free zone!" 

— E.B.