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My Story


The year is 2012.  I am a working mom with 2 young children, one husband and 2 sets of aging parents. I've recently switched careers, coming from corporate America and diving head first into the field of health and wellness.  


I faced some challenges and I gained weight as a result of those challenges.  I also saw many of my clients in similar situations facing similar challenges.  I told my doctor that I wanted to lose 30 pounds.  He said it would never happen given my current situation.  I was determined to prove him wrong.


Fortunately, a connection was made with the phenomenal coaching of Precision Nutrition.  Life changing.  Body transforming.  Relationship altering.  I learned not only what to eat, but how to eat.  I learned how to practice actions that led to my goals.  I learned how the outcomes that I wanted to happen were directly related to my behaviors and that I would never see those outcomes change unless my behavior changed.  I learned that it was o.k. to make a mistake.  I learned that challenges would always be there but given the right tools, I could face them with more courage.  I gained the confidence and the knowledge to make these changes last for a lifetime.  I proved my doctor wrong.  Those 30 pounds were lost and they stay lost to this day.  


I continue to grow and learn with Precision Nutrition and employ the same techniques with my clients.  

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Our stories shape our lives. They tell us where we've been, where we are now, and where we are going. The following stories reflect on what CHANGE looks like. We all have stories to tell.


What is your story?


I am a PN participant for the last 10 months and I am a huge fan. For me, it not only works, but it is sustaining and integrative. I love the program and my coach, Andrea, and am grateful to myself for this treasured gift. 

Less than 2 weeks ago, our son got married and I am still feeling the afterglow. 

The journey to the blessed wedding day was filled with excitement, anticipation, coordination, challenges and some stressors, to be sure. As a result of the daily, consistent and richly integrative messages I have been receiving from the program, I never (not even once) viewed the wedding itself as a destination to lose weight, look a certain way or fit into a particular, sized dress. The planning and preparation was one great adventure to be enjoyed, one step at a time. I had an intention to be present; to appreciate our blessing and to fully connect with this beautiful moment in time. I, honestly, was successful, bringing my whole self to the star struck evening. I am enormously grateful to these past 10 months and what I have gleaned from following a directive that spoke to me on every level. 

Thank you, PN, for developing a brilliant program and thank you, Andrea, for reinforcing, guiding and encouraging me. It has been an awesome journey that isn't over; actually, it's a new beginning! I feel as if I've owned and claimed myself!

— Joan K.


Coach Andrea has changed my life. Her caring, compassionate, positive attitude helped me stay on track with my fitness journey. I had great success working with her over the past year — I lost weight for the first time in my life! I learned ways to reduce my stress and to be mindful about my food choices and portions, and how to set realistic goals. I learned so much about myself in the process. I was inspired to try different, nutrient dense foods and fun ways to stay active. I now feel healthier, happier, stronger and more educated about what I need to do to continue my success towards being a healthy, fit person. I would highly recommend working with Andrea to all my closest friends and family! She was always there to help me get back on track when I was falling or get past a hurdle in my journey. She was full of ideas and inspiration. I really cannot say enough good things about my experience. Working with Andrea was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am so grateful for her. 

— Sherry B.


Today I weighed less than I have in the last 20 years. I used to be a size 12. I recently went to a wedding and bought a size 8 dress. Yesterday I tried on a pair of size 8 pants and they were too big. Andrea has helped me to be more fit. She has helped me to realize that eating appropriately and exercising regularly lead to becoming a fit person. In addition, she has helped me to develop a positive attitude about myself and to develop a desire to be peaceful. Andrea is a successful coach because she is extremely knowledgeable and because she genuinely cares.

— Elaine T.


I have honestly tried to lose weight several times in the past with little to no success.  I learned from Andrea and PN coaching how to eat the right foods. I had thought in the past I was pretty decent at the right foods but I had much to learn.  I was a healthy eater just not eating the right portions and not looking at what I ate.  The lesson of having to write down everything I ate in a day was an eye opener.  Learning that protein is really my friend was another big eye opener.  That being hungry is NOT an emergency another big eye opener.

I still struggle with eating slow but I recognize it and I still struggle with shoveling food in my mouth after a stressful situation – but I recognize it.  Thanks to Andrea and PN coaching my awareness has changed and I believe that is all I can ask for!!! Also radical acceptance of myself. I am embarrassed/was embarrassed to think I needed to lose so much weight.  As a yoga instructor and having worked in the fitness world for 25 years, it was embarrassing to admit I was overweight.  Truth is – it still is embarrassing.  But I accept and stay humble.

Andrea has helped me to learn to use weight training and that has been another big key for me. It’s not my favorite and I do see and love the results and wish for more!! It’s not the weight its how it changes me. I think different as a person, I have grown emotionally.  I keep thinking if I lighten the load a bit more – I too will become even more enlightened – I feel it and see it.  I also have made a friend with the scale, we don’t always like each other and there is respect for numbers that don’t lie and they also don’t have emotions!!! ha

— L.O.


What a great gift I gave to myself!  I wanted to become healthier.  I felt like if I didn’t do something I was going to become an old decrepit lady with too many aches and pains to function.  Doing the Pn program has given me a new lease on life!  My aches and pains are gone.  I eat well and exercise regularly.  I feel great and look great.  I marvel at the feeling of challenging myself physically.  I feel more confident and comfortable in my body and I look forward to maintaining my new lifestyle and happier attitude with even more gratitude!

— Chana S.

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