Strength Program

Get your bad-ass self back into the gym or onto the playground

A personalized exercise program based on your individualized goals, needs, physical limitations and skill level.
  • 100% accessible online - get it anytime, anywhere

  • Built-in accountability

  • Daily reminders and energizing lessons supported by solid science and cutting edge research

  • 24/7 support via email and biweekly video or in-person coaching calls

  • In-person sessions at any acceptable location within a 20-mile radius of Rochester, NY

  • Personalized workout program and weekly schedule complete with illustrations, video descriptions and modifications

Take a closer look at how the program works here:

Strength Program Pricing:
Starting at $199 per month

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As someone who has never felt comfortable in a gym, even though I've joined more gyms over the decades than I can count, my relationship with Andrea has helped to transform my process and my experience.  Having a knowledgable, determined, kind and flexible CPT to work with has taken me from stressed out couch potato to a willing participant in my own health.  

— A.K.