About Me

Andrea Mosher

I help adults rediscover the potential their bodies have to eat mindfully and to move with purpose without the use of prescribed, lifestyle-related medications so that they can journey through life with more good effects and fewer side effects.

15 years ago I made a conscious decision to leave the corporate world of graphic design and become a personal trainer. It was the best decision I have ever made. I had been increasingly involved in health and wellness for several years and wanted to make it a primary focus of my life. Helping people journey through life with more energy and less pain keeps me motivated every day. I believe that the alignment of core values and personal priorities is the key to success in overall wellbeing. I strive to coach people towards that alignment.

I guide people through taking the "work" out of their workouts so that it becomes a natural component of their identity. I believe that learning how to eat is the first step in learning what to eat. Through habit-based coaching and behavioral change, this also becomes a natural element of a healthy lifestyle. My coaching style incorporates a team effort collaborating with each individual to identify and achieve their goals resulting in the best desirable outcomes.



This makes sense.
My Story of Change

Six years and 30 pounds ago I was exposed to a way of thinking that made so much sense.  And it still makes sense to this day.  Daily habit change, easy accessibility to a coach and taking accountability for my actions. 

It literally changed my life. 


What didn't make sense at that time was that my personal training clients were getting stronger but not leaner. What didn't make sense was that many of them were on medications that could have been prevented through lifestyle change and behavior modification. They were taking pills for conditions such as depression, pre-diabetes, GERD and high cholesterol and not getting results from workouts alone.

And then I heard about Precision Nutrition - an organization that is research-driven and world-renowned for achieving life changing results for thousands of people? Exactly. Habit change. Personal coaching. Accountability. One day at a time. For an entire year. And results that last a lifetime.  Wow.

I took on the challenge of this program as a way to help my clients get better results.  In that year-long program I learned more about myself and was able to transform my behaviors in ways that I never would've imagined.  My body changed.  My relationships changed.  My attitude changed.  Not only did I lose the weight, but I gained the confidence and the knowledge to make these changes last for a lifetime.

Now PlateStrength is powered by this same amazing program. A year-long curriculum of daily lessons designed to help you implement small habits that lead to big changes. It is supported by solid science and cutting edge research. It has helped over 45,000 people lose more than 900,000 pounds and change their lives forever. Here are just a few of their stories:

I am honored to be counted among those 45,000. I have mentored hundreds along the way and I am a Master Level Certified Coach. I am also an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.  As your coach and partner we will adapt and customize this program for you. I will be with you for every success and every struggle. Busy schedule? Got you covered with easy online and downloadable accessibility. Need accountability? No problem. It's built in. Plus, we will have regularly scheduled check-ins and you have the ability to message me at any time.

Included in this year long, life changing transformation program are daily lessons that will challenge your current way of thinking about nutrition. You will practice small habits that will make big changes - not just in your body, but in your life. That's right. Practice for a year. Change that lasts a lifetime.

If you are looking for a fad diet with empty promises and unrealistic expectations, DO NOT click on the link below. If you are looking for daily meal plans with restrictive food choices and calorie counting, DO NOT click on the link below. Prepackaged food and supplements? Forget it!

But if you are ready to make a commitment to making positive changes to your health, happiness and fitness level, then please click the link below to reserve your spot for the next launch. You will receive all of the information that you need to sign up. I only take a small number of participants so that I can give you the attention that you deserve.

It worked for me; it can work for you.

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