Andrea’s caring nature and sense of humor are just some of the attributes she possesses that are helping me get closer to my goals – at my own speed – and so importantly, in a “no judgement, guilt-free zone!" 

— E.B.

The smart content and compassionate tone of PN, encased in an evenly paced experience, aims to help integrate awareness and behaviors toward lasting change.  Like the fable of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race!  

— A.R.

Andrea has been a consistent listener to all my questions, concerns and revelations.  She is really there as a daily coach as promised. And she responds in a thoughtful, non-judgmental way making it easy to reach out to her. She is a true partner in this journey. 

— M.T.

I am grateful for Andrea’s approach, she is very sincere and works to look for ways to fit the right ingredients into my program.  Andrea is also balanced in her coaching reaching out at the right times and letting go when she sees fit.  I love that she is not over the top super excited cheerleader! THANK goodness!! her enthusiasm comes through her work.  

— L.M.


Andrea has been my Personal Trainer since December of 2012. That in itself should say something about what a good experience it has been. When I started I had had two joint replacement surgeries within two years and had a lost a lot of muscle strength because of pain prior to the surgeries. Rehab only took my recovery so far.


Since starting with Andrea my strength in all areas has improved unbelievably, but most noticeably in my core. I am thrilled to be strong and confident of myself physically and to be in my mid-seventies! I can't sing Andrea's praises highly enough. Her knowledge allows her to offer alternative exercises when a particular one doesn't work out very well. I've been through another replacement since starting and my recovery was amazing because I had so much strength already built up.

I have every intention of continuing for the foreseeable future!  

— P.S.

As someone who has never felt comfortable in a gym, even though I've joined more gyms over the decades than I can count, my relationship with Andrea has helped to transform my process and my experience.  Having a knowledgable, determined, kind and flexible CPT to work with has taken me from stressed out couch potato to a willing participant in my own health.  

— A.K.

I realized very quickly that Andrea is not only knowledgeable but fun, upbeat, creative and motivating.  The hour disappears as she moves me through a different sequence of exercises every time we meet.  She is very aware of my goals and any problems that exist. And with her vast wealth of knowledge she is flexible enough to change an exercise if it is not working properly.  Andrea is so attentive and does not take her eyes off of me. With every exercise she not only explains the movement and the goal but what body parts I need to focus on as I am moving.  The discussion of body awareness truly sets Andrea apart from most trainers. She has made me aware of what exact body part I need to concentrate on and where my body weight needs to be as I exercise. This body mindfulness has created a whole new dimension for me. One that I thoroughly enjoy and one that allows me to truly focus on what I am suppose to be doing.  Boredom is no longer present because it is not just a series of movements, but a series of movements with purpose, FOCUS, CONCENTRATION  and how can I FEEL  and do this exercise better than the last time.  It is so much fun to see my body change and Andrea has created that for me 100%.  I am so grateful to have Andrea Mosher as my personal trainer.  

— C.A.

I am not what I believe to be Andrea’s typical client - female, 40 to 60 years old. I am a man in my upper-eighties. This has not presented any difficulties for Andrea. She has thoughtfully prepared exercise routines which are challenging, but take my modest physical limitations into account. Routines are changed after about two months with new and different challenges being presented.

Andrea is pleasant and personable and has a delightful sense of humor. She is very good at her job.

— R.V.

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